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"One thing Kyrie's podcast has that most don't is relatability- all the guests are real people, with real struggles and experiences.  She has great variety in topics and invites guests from all types of experience levels, education levels and backgrounds.  I really have expanded my thinking process and learned some helpful skills. Great work overall!"

Tiffany Arnell
Parent and Disability Advocate

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It was an honor to be invited to have a conversation with Kyrie on her podcast about non comparison, body image & fashion. Kyrie is open & endearing & a woman who is paving a path for so many others. I also had the privilege of having Kyrie teach at Elevate, my women’s networking group and she did an incredible job of keeping us engaged & gave us valuable knowledge & skills. I have loved knowing Kyrie & working with her.

Pualei Lynn
Owner of Edynkei

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"Kyrie speaks honestly and with compassion, and her passion to help women and inspire them is palpable. She doesn’t shy away from hard topics and I love that about her!"

Ceci Marie
Founder of the Badass Babes Club


"Being a guest on this podcast was such an incredible experience! I loved how Kyrie allowed the conversation to stay organic, yet her well thought out questions guided the conversation to most impactful content for her listeners. Kyrie truly cares about empowering women and discussing the topics pertinent to that purpose. This may have been one of my favorite podcasts to be on because I truly enjoyed the conversation, but it always feels so impactful when you know you and the host just created content that you believe can help others in a genuine way. Thank you Kyrie for an amazing opportunity!!"

Erika Beeson
Author, Speaker, Coach



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