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Your Body is Not the Enemy

Your Body is Not Your Enemy.

I can't even tell you how many times just this week I saw things promoting harsh diets, body enhancements and surgeries, or before and after pictures.

I saw women commenting on how they weren't losing their "baby weight". Honestly its been 3.5 years and I'm still holding my "baby weight".

I am not against diets, working out, or body enhancements or surgeries. If you are doing any of these because it helps your body and your mind feel better I am absolutely for it! I am however against going into all those things because you feel like or have been told that your body is the enemy. Because here's the thing.

Your body will always be yours. No matter what you do to it or with it, it will still be the same body. If you don't love yourself without those things, you won't love yourself with them.

You and your bodies are one. You are partners. You go through life together. The goods, the bads, the uglies. Despite what the media likes to tell you, your body is not an enemy. It is a partner. It deserves love and attention just like any other friend or partner.

Listen to your body. Give it what it needs. Learn to appreciate each part of it. Because each curve, scar, and stretch mark tells the story of your life.

We are always in a state of transition. Our body just like life ebbs and flows but ultimately what matters is that no matter where your body is at. You are beautifully and perfectly made.

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