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Work Life Balance: Is it a Hoax???

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I got to listen to a great talk the other day from one of the top female leaders in the financial industry. The talk was on the idea of Work Life Balance. She said that she thought that it was all a hoax. I am prone to agree.

As working women we have the expectations to be amazing mothers, incredible workers or business owners, have perfectly kept homes, great romantic lives, the picturesque gang of girlfriends, and a rocking body.

But lets be honest this isn't reality. We only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

We cannot reasonably do all the things. So most of it comes down to 3 things:

  1. Know that life and priorities have to fluctuate sometimes.

- Sometimes our work needs more of our attention, sometimes our families. It is not linear. Life is not linear. We need to learn where to shift our priorities. The key though is to not let other areas die from not having any time either. Its more of a shift and flow of balance. The circle above is called the "Wheel of Life" and it can helps us evaluate where our current priorities lie and how to adjust it.

Find more about the Wheel of Life and go through some great exercises here:

2. Asking for help is okay! Even Necessary!

- We cannot do everything, but also things cannot just fall to the wayside either. Ask for help or hire help.

Got a partner? Ask them to pick up some of the housework. For me my husband is a fantastic cook and has taken over 90% of our household cooking. It allows me to use that time for dishes, and laundry and then to enjoy dinner with the family. For others it means hiring out a housekeeper once a week.

If you have kids hire a nanny for a few days a week, or *gasp* use daycare. I do! Even when I get the opportunity to work for home this is the only way I get all the things done that I need for work!

3. Be understanding with yourself.

- We are often our own worst enemies. We put these unrealistic expectations on ourselves and then can't understand why we can't just do it all. You need to be patient with yourself. Your kids will love you even if you don't have the perfect picturesque birthday parties, your partner will love you even if you don't make the perfect dinner each night, you don't have to kill yourself for the "perfect bikini body".

You are perfectly you. The only way that we fail at this magical "work life balance" is if you give up entirely. So quit searching for it and start feeling the energy of the moment and working with it rather than against it.

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