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Date Yourself

Last week I took myself on a date, Not one of those dad watch the kids for 30 minutes while I run to get groceries things. Like an actual relaxing, fun filled date.

I can't even tell you the last time I actually did anything that relaxing, or fun by myself.

Getting married at 18 and having a kid at 22 you don't realize how rare an opportunity this becomes.


Just sitting there by myself, setting my phone off to the side let me relax. Like actually relax. It let me get to be in my own head. Let me open myself up to hearing what my body and mind needs.

I felt this burst of creativity and ideas. I felt passion flood my viens. I was overwhelmed with how far I have come in just the last year. I felt appreciation for the world and people around me.

I got to laugh at the conversations going on around me, hear the birds singing and feel the breeze across my face. All those little things I don't normally notice because I am so consumed with everything and everyone around me.

I can't tell you enough how amazing it was. It wasnt even crazy. It was an hour of lunch and shopping. I will also tell you that this will become a regular occurance in my life.

"Moms need time to nurture the other parts of themselves — besides nurturing their children," psychiatrist and parenting expert Dr. Carole Lieberman tells Romper. "They need alone time to do this. A mom can only be as good a nurturer to her kids, as she takes alone time to nurture herself. She needs to replenish herself so that she has more to give her children," Dr. Lieberman explains.


As moms, wives and business owners it is so easy to forget ourselves. So alone time is critically important. It allows us to:

- Nurture ourselves

- Find Perspective

- Protect against Resentment

- Find Sense of Self

- Have greater appreciation for our relationships

- Reignite Creativity

- Recenter Ourselves

Don't forget yourself my dear. Take yourself out on a date this week and let me know how it helps you!

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